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Testing with Postman: Chai Assertions

Postman uses the Chai Assertion Library so familiarize yourself with it. Using Chai Match Assertion You can define a format for your response using Regex and the match assertion. Below is an example of a data format for a mysql date. Date Format Multiple Assertions When using multiple assertions on a single data point you […]

Testing with Postman: Headers

Sometimes the only thing you need to test is a header. This is when a PDF or something else is returned. Below is how you can test a header. Testing for Correct Headers and PDF Responses Below are test you can run on headers. The great thing about this is it allows us to find […]

Testing with Postman: Variables

Sorry it has been a while but I recently moved job and house, so life has been hectic. Next we will discuss variables. There are a lot of different variables you can use like Collection, Environmental, path, and others. The main 2 I use are Environmental so that we can have different variables for Dev, […]

From Manual to Automation

Return of QA Hipster I started my QA Journey back in 2013 and it has been a crazy ride to get to where I am today. As unique as my story might be there are many out there who started on a similar path. Sometimes breaking into tech is just finding that one job and […]

Common Sense, is a Super Power!

​This week the Ministry of Testing Bloggers club has decided on “What’s the non-technical skill that every tester should have, but most don’t seem to?” Being a tester move have a very technical mind. A lot of time with intelligent technical people they lack basic common sense. I have seen mountains made out of mole […]

Take a Look, It’s in a Book

This week the Ministry of Testing Bloggers Club is tackling “What non-testing focussed book do you wish you’d been given on your first day testing.” I have been working in the realm of manual testing for years. Over that time I have been given a lot of lead way and have been able to do […]

To QA or Not to QA That Is the Question

This sprint for the Ministry of Testing Bloggers Club the topic was “Critic some widely known/accepted concept in the testing community” Being that I have never really been a full fledged member of a testing community I don’t know what they widely accept. The one thing for years it was thought that testers were not […]