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Testing With Postman: Newman for CI/CD Pipeline

Next is to setup a DevOps job you can go here to learn how to do that. For this section we will focus on the Execute shell and newman. With this I suggest going through Postman’s official documentation found here. This takes your postman game and ups it to be able to be leveraged with Continuous Integration.

There are 2 ways to run this and one is extraction your collections json and running newman using that file. The other takes a bit more setup but uses Postman’s API and when you updated the test they update in the cloud.

I would suggest for reports that you check out this HTML Reporter. It is created by a employee of postman and is by far the best HTML report out there in my opinion.


Postman Quick Reference Guide
Chai Assertion Library
Regex Cheat Sheet
Postman: The Complete Guide on Udemy
Postman Newman Documentation

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