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Common Sense, is a Super Power!

​This week the Ministry of Testing Bloggers club has decided on “What’s the non-technical skill that every tester should have, but most don’t seem to?” Being a tester move have a very technical mind. A lot of time with intelligent technical people they lack basic common sense. I have seen mountains made out of mole […]

Take a Look, It’s in a Book

This week the Ministry of Testing Bloggers Club is tackling “What non-testing focussed book do you wish you’d been given on your first day testing.” I have been working in the realm of manual testing for years. Over that time I have been given a lot of lead way and have been able to do […]

To QA or Not to QA That Is the Question

This sprint for the Ministry of Testing Bloggers Club the topic was “Critic some widely known/accepted concept in the testing community” Being that I have never really been a full fledged member of a testing community I don’t know what they widely accept. The one thing for years it was thought that testers were not […]

Give Yourself Time to Learn and Grow

Well, I am back after 2 years off, and I have a lot of new stuff to blog about. I have recently joined the Ministry of Testing’s Blogger’s Club, a group dedicated to blogging about testing by providing topics, blogging together on general topics, and being the motivation we all need. I hope with their support […]

My last Post

I worked on this site and blogging about testing for 10 months and it was great to see it grow and to see everyone reading and responding to what I had to offer. This was a great learning experience and I would not give it away for anything in the whole world. The reason I […]

Taking a break

Lately I have had some things happen in my personal life that I have not been able to keep up with all my side projects. I will be back up running as soon as I can and may even be next week. But this week I am taking a break to let my personal issues […]


So I have reached my limit for uploaded Gifs, awesome I know. So here are links to the Gifs. When a new build comes out with fresh features to check What your family hears when you explain your day When you hit and unexpected bug when testing When you reproduce a complicated bug When you […]

Requirement Analysis

Finding the requirements for the software can be hard but a tester has to know when the software breaks and what it takes to run the software. If the tester runs at minimum requirements and it breaks then the requirements are wrong. Some times it is up to the developers what it runs on, some […]

Software Development Process

This is the first of many blogs that I will be writing on the Software Development Process. There is a lot to it and several options. Each company will apply a different mythology for there process. It could be agile, spiral, prototyping, or the dreaded waterfall. Over the years though each company starts with one […]

End to End Testing

So what is end to end testing? Just like in the maze you are to get from point A of the program to point be. So in the example in the link I am using this week it is from login to logout. The example from Software Testing Help is below: End to End testing […]