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Monthly Archives: October 2022

Testing With Postman: Newman

Next is to setup a DevOps job you can go here to learn how to do that. For this section we will focus on the Execute shell and newman. With this I suggest going through Postman’s official documentation found here. This takes your postman game and ups it to be able to be leveraged with […]

Testing with Postman: Lodash

Another javascript library built into Postman is Lodash. Looping Arrays with Lodash Sometimes you will want to iterate through an array. Maybe your response itself is an array. Luckily there is an easy for loop that can be used. This is use for where you see [] in the Json as that means what is […]

Testing with Postman: Moment

Postman has many built in Javascript libraries. Moment is one of the more useful ones for getting dates such as today’s date or tomorrow’s. Creating a Date with Moment Moment is another tool build into postman that can be used for your test. This is great for creating a rolling future, current or past date. […]