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Online Code Schools

So in my quest to be the best QA Team Lead I could be I have been relearning coding. I started out studying Software Engineering in College and took 2 years of java, 3 semesters of C, one semester of C++, and one semester of web based programing. That is somewhere around 27 credit hours. […]

5 Gifs for QA

When you see a bug in another software When your build constantly crashes When a bug gets sent back as not a bug or by design Pair testing with the dev and you find an awesome bug When you reproduce a difficult bug on first try

Transitioning to a more agile testing

So when I started at my current company I started in support calling and talking to clients and fixing various issues. I worked my way up to taking tougher clients then eventually moved over to become a Quality Assurance Analyst. When I first started we were 5 testers who tested the whole software as a […]

Scripted vs Exploratory, The Battle

So a big debate that is heard a lot is whether to use Exploratory testing or Scripted. Exploratory testing is where you go in and you search the app specifically looking for bugs. You are going to search anywhere and everywhere based on the design. You will also try things out side the design. Basically […]

Pair Testing

A while ago I read an article on the future of agile testing. When reading through I saw this thing called Pair Testing so I looked it up and found a good article at this link. This is when the Developer and QA work together testing. This way they will hit things normally they would […]

5 Stages of QA…

When working in QA you will receive tickets submitted by clients, support, or various other people. It is your job to go through them using these 5 steps. Receive (the ticket) Verify (that it is a problem) Justify the Problem (is it user error over defect) Report Problem (to engineering) 

Hunting the White Whale

Sometimes when testing software you will come across the dreaded white whale. In my case this was a crash that only I have reproduced, but our clients were hitting it quiet often. Every time I hit the crash it seemed something different caused it, and was only reproducible 12% of the time but I had […]

Writing a good bug

What does it take to write a good bug? There is a lot of time where a bug comes in from a somewhere else and you have no idea what they are talking about or what was tried. How can you reproduce it if you are unsure about where the bug is?  Here are some […]


After Testing a new build Exploratory Testing When running a familiar test and you hit an unexpected crash. When you hit a major crash that stops release. When they release a build filled with bugs. When a bug gets upgraded to a feature.