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Pair Testing

A while ago I read an article on the future of agile testing. When reading through I saw this thing called Pair Testing so I looked it up and found a good article at this link. This is when the Developer and QA work together testing. This way they will hit things normally they would not hit separately plus things can be fixed right there on the spot or you can at least you can get the information the developer needs to fix the issue. This will also help with QA, Dev relationship as they will work closely and see how each other operates. This we be a good idea for doing 60-90 minutes a week. 

Not only is this a good idea with a dev and a QA working together we have found within our own QA that 2 QA testing together you will hit issues neither of you have hit together. This is because you are both different testers and will test differently and so together you will try things neither have thought of. Also you will be able to track down more detail since you both have different ways to figure out the issue. You can also write a very thorough Test Plan if 2 of you work together to hit all the test cases. So do I feel Paired Testing is the wave of the future? I believe I think it is. 

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