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End to End Testing

So what is end to end testing? Just like in the maze you are to get from point A of the program to point be. So in the example in the link I am using this week it is from login to logout. The example from Software Testing Help is below:

End to End testing of a Gmail account will include following steps:

  1. 1. Launching Gmail login page through URL.
  2. 2. Logging into Gmail account by using valid credentials.
  3. 3. Accessing Inbox. Opening Read and Unread emails.
  4. 4. Composing new email, reply or forward any email.
  5. 5. Opening Sent items and checking emails.
  6. 6. Checking mails in Spam folder
  7. 7. Logging out of Gmail application by clicking ‘logout’
These test are done from the view point of the end user. What is their workflow and how will they move from point A to B using your software. These are ran to make sure that the user can run through their workflow with no issue. As seen in the maze picture there are times where you might off road or ‘Exploratory Test but the end result and the beginning result are the main points. In the example you run through logging in then through basic steps that any user would experiance. but follow a vertical work flow of the side bar. Then you logout.

So now that you know go and find something you are use to and create your own maze of test.

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