Ben Weese

How Testing Can Be used In Everyday Life

So you are a Software tester by trade but how does that affect the rest of your life. Well weather you know it or not you test everything you are given to see if it meets your standards. Personally every time i get a new item or software I test it out for Quality. That is how I am wired but I only do Ad-hoc testing. Ad-hoc testing anything you get is good to prove you got what you paid for but when is it important to run a test plan and a thorough test. This is important in major purchases and life saving devices. Like buy a car seat or a car you will need to test them thoroughly. 

With a big purchase you may even want to run preliminary testing. Such a s a test drive with a car or researching with reviews. You want to understand everything about what you are going to purchase. My dad drilled this into me in a early age and it seems to me that all testers would want to do the same. This is testing for your purchases and not just the purchases of your clients. Why don’t you demand Quality in the things you buy? Also I am sure when you make something you will test it as well. This is just our nature but knowing that maybe you can test your life and figure out how to make it a quality life. 

This is a basis my co-worker Joe and I are working on and we hope to get a podcast up. We will be testing all nerd things. Bring 2 worlds together. Check out in the future for podcast. 

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