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Lean Testing

So a while ago I wrote an article on Damn Bugs & Overlook and over the course of this year they have changed alot. For one they are now combined to Lean Testing. This great tool is being brought to you by Crowd Sourced Testing. So when you login you have your projects and you can have several going on at once. You then have a choice to go to view test plans or go to bug tracking. 

The test plans can be created for many test cases. There is a where you start at the URL, the user action and then what is the expected result you can then add other test cases. Each test cases has a user action and expected result. The good thing is now when you fail a test case you can report a bug which goes into the bug tracking.

The second part of the site is on bug tracking. They take all kinds of input from testers all over the world and put together a format for bugs. You can organize in several different ways. This is all editable and great for inputting a bugs with and outline to follow. With integration to slack this makes this your one stop shop for a lot of your qa needs. If you have not checked it out I defiantly would. Also check out Test Reactor where we go over Lean Testing in more detail.

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