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Requirement Analysis

Finding the requirements for the software can be hard but a tester has to know when the software breaks and what it takes to run the software. If the tester runs at minimum requirements and it breaks then the requirements are wrong. Some times it is up to the developers what it runs on, some times upper management, and sometimes a tester runs several test. This will also have to be well analyzed and documented. You will also have to take into consideration your market and what kind of computer they have. If it takes to expensive of a computer you loose your market.

Requirements Analysis

  • Eliciting requirements:(e.g. the project charter or definition), business process documentation, and stakeholder interviews. This is sometimes also called requirements gathering.
  • Analyzing requirements: determining whether the stated requirements are clear, complete, consistent and unambiguous, and resolving any apparent conflicts.
  • Recording requirements: Requirements may be documented in various forms, usually including a summary list and may include natural-language documents, use cases, user stories, or process specifications.

Remember there is several things besides the software and the customers who effect requirements. Such as Architecture what other programs are you using Java, squeal? Is the structure meeting the requirements? the design? the behavior? Allocated?

Remember to take all this into consideration and many more when setting your software requirements.

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