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Upcoming Events & Stay tuned for Guest Blog

This week we will be having a guest blog by Joe from GC Gamers Connect and Test Reactor. Joe has been working in the Game Development since 2002 and has been a coworker of mine as a QA Analyst for over a year. He is also my co-host on Test Reactor a podcast about testing, gaming, and geekery. As soon as he gets me the blog I will get it posted. 

So What are some Upcoming Events?

CAST 2015 August 3-5 – Grand Rapids, Michigan
Software Testing Training Week Dates and place may vary
STARWEST 2015 September 27th – October 2nd – Anaheim, CA USA
EuroSTAR Conferences November 2nd – 5th Maastricht, Netherlands
Eclipse Con Europe / Project Quality Day November 3rd – 5th Ludwigsburg, Germany
TestBash New York November 5th – 6th New York, NY USA
Better Software Conference East November 8th-13th Orlando, FL USA
GTAC (Google Test Automation Conference) 2015 November 10th -11th – Google Cambridge office (near Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

And a whole bunch I missed because I am posting this late in the con season or I have not heard of them. I will try and start making a list of cons for testers in the near future

But seriously It is Interesting and Important or why would I blog about it?

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