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When to write a Test Plan

When I started in QA all the test plans were written out for all the aspects of the software. They were written by design and up-kept by QA. The test plans became out of date as the software grew. It still has some valued test but they needed updated. Over time it got more and more out dated. When we moved to agile we started having QA write test plans but this was based on an already completed product. So what is wrong with this way of writing test plans?

When constantly updating test they get complex and convoluted testing things that may no longer need testing. When writing a test plan based on an already completed product it could not match the design and that could be the bugs. So we have now started to write a test plan based on the design. Everyone is brought in to ok the design and the test plan. So after the QA person writes the test plan based off the design that they and their squad already signed off on. Once the test plan is done the squad then goes over it so the developer and the designer can make sure it matches their idea of what the product will be then it stays updated as it goes through the development process. This makes sure that what comes out is what was designed.

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